The reality for women returners!

For many the reality is not having the capacity to move forward due to their lack of confidence and self-belief. For some women this often leads to mental health issues and an experience of feeling trapped in a cycle of social isolation, loneliness, discrimination and poverty. Working closely with communities of women returners across York, Scarborough, Norton and Malton has over the last several months helped Future Intentions to tap into those women needing ongoing intensive 1:1 support in their own communities, with the reassurance of viable options and opportunities to access and engage with work-readiness and self development, with clients been able to access support for as long as they feel they need it. lf a client’s experience is that they feel they are falling back into less constructive thoughts even after initial success in achieving their goals, the support network of Future Intentions will come into play again until they feel empowered to begin to move forward again. NO RED TAPE simply a viable option for women to feel empowered in bringing about lasting change in their lives.

Not surprising is the fact many clients reported missing out on opportunities to return to the workplace after a career break due to multiple complex issues they are experiencing for months or years. For some women returning to the workplace is a goal they feel they need to work towards and taking small steps is the solution for some.

With over 90% of Future Intentions clients either experiencing mental health issues or having experienced issues in the past, it is not surprising they feel they need a safe haven, a non-judgemental place to share experiences with like-minded women and opportunities to improve their work readiness and economic contribution to oneself, their community and society.

A win-win situation for businesses, employers and women returners across North Yorkshire.

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