Inspiration to Greatness

Liz on Inspiration to Greatness

It’s been five very long years since I founded Future Intentions, a social enterprise. I founded it back in 2016 to help women returners like myself to return to work after years on a break.

Liz on Losing Her Identity

With my strong sense of professional identity slowly diminishing week by week, month by month and year on year, what did I realistically have to lose by setting up this social enterprise?

Liz on Business Passion

My passion to do something extraordinary was buzzing through my mind. Turning the clock forward to 2021, myself and a small team of dedicated and talented volunteers have surpassed all expectations of where the business could go and the potential it has. All those months and years later, we can proudly look at our new community interest company Future Intentions Yorkshire.

Liz on Future Intentions Yorkshire

With the same dedication and an unsurmountable belief in ourselves, we have weathered the storm of ‘to the bone’ cashflow. Who would have believed the country would come to a grinding halt with the Covid-19 Pandemic hitting us long and hard.

Liz on Adversity

I think the moral of this story is that no matter the level of adversity for us all, we need that urge to put one foot in front of the other. Having met so many amazing and courageous women returners striving for change in their lives, we are very excited to lead the way to new opportunities for many more women returners.

Liz on Setting Up Your Own Business

Over the years, we have identified and encountered many women returners wanting to ‘take the leap’ into setting up their own business with many motivations for taking this path. I myself, have been plagued with the challenges of caring responsibilities, poor physical and mental health and family breakdown. I yearned for a life that made sense and felt authentic. Future Intentions Yorkshire was born out of my desire to continue our work with an amazing team of volunteers and directors with second-to-none dedication to our cause.

Liz on Being Part of Future Intentions Yorkshire

If you want to join our community, why not join us on our Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn or come meet us at one of our events in 2022.

Join us in 2022… the year about YOU!

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