To strive to be and remain a specialist regional leader across Yorkshire in engaging and supporting women returners towards work-readiness, improved health & well-being and community engagement.

These are our values that continue to guide and inspire us:


To enable and empower women to return to work, in a world that views many women returners as incapable and redundant after years on a break.

To be ambitious and effective and make a real difference to women’s lives, whilst respecting our work is to support them to live a life that makes sense to them.

To support transformation, everything we do gives us opportunities to empower women in personal and professional growth and change, to see overcoming challenges has achievable and a catalyst for change.


We work on bridging the gap between the hidden untapped potential of women returners and perceptions in individuals, society and recruitment practice that women returning to work after a prolonged break will not be suitable for posts due to their time away.


We work with women to help them reframe their self limiting beliefs and negative internal perception of readiness to return to todays workforce. We encourage women in reigniting their passion for change as a catalyst for future success.


We strive towards championing a very talented pool of women, unified by the unsurmountable personal challenges and inequalities in recruitment practice. We support women in self advocacy in challenging discrimination and stigma.