Our Projects across Ryedale and York

Here at Future Intentions Yorkshire we are currently running a range of pilot projects in Malton for women returners to engage with opportunities for work-readiness, improved health & wellbeing and social connectedness, some of our projects are funded and supported by North Yorkshire Council, Malton & Norton Lions and Yorkshire Housing.

Looking for a women only safe space to relax and connect with other women? Why not benefit from peer to peer support in a nurturing, non judgemental environment, our women lift each other up in their journey back into employment & business enterprise and social connectedness.


Our Ryedale Returners Employability, Enterprise & Social project is a 16 week pilot project working with local women in the Ryedale area to improve employment & enterprise skills prospects, confidence and social connectedness.


Our Just about Me project is a 26-week pilot project working with women across Ryedale looking to develop skills and awareness in the benefits of journaling in processing feelings and thoughts. A platform for developing improved coping strategies.


Our DigitalConnect4Women project is a 18-week digital project working with women in Ryedale in upskilling and reskilling for the workplace and citizenship, empowering women towards digital readiness for work and life.


What We Do

We offer a range of solutions in empowering and enabling women across Yorkshire to develop their own tool-kit for both personal and professional development. We have had the privilege of sharing in the unique stories of women across Yorkshire, no two the same, we offer a range of standalone courses and workshops around improving confidence, assertiveness and resilience, employability and enterprise initiatives that showcase women hidden untapped potential.

Back to Work Support for Women

We offer a range of employability & business enterprise 1:1 and small group support to women to empower and enable change in improving work-readiness and re-engagement with employment.

Turn frustrations into new opportunity

We can help you to look at your frustrations and turn them into actions acting as a catalyst for new opportunities, leading you closer to work-readiness and greater fulfilment in life.

Too many challenges to overcome?

Over 90% of women looking to return to work after a break are experiencing significant challenges in making it a reality. Are you looking for employment that fits with your life.

From passion into business idea

We can help you turn your passion into a business? Got an idea for a business? You can learn everything there is to know about setting up own business and taking leap to entrepreneurship.

Overcome your frustrations with us

We can help you stand back from your frustrations and look at the bigger picture. A better more informed look at overcoming your challenges can become a reality.

Success can be reality for you

We can empower you to find your own pathway to success, whether moving into employment with local employers or setting on your own journey into entrepreneurship.