Can you offer support to organisations with volunteers with additional learning needs or disability?

Yes, we work hard at supporting individuals to overcome barriers in access learning, regardless of their needs, we work closely with organisations to give volunteers every chance of success.

We offer additional ongoing support at a cost to suit your budget, call us on 07495731958 with your request or contact us here. We will visit your organisation to discuss how best to help your volunteers.

If you have any other questions, please call us, we will do our best to answer your questions.


​I have been out of the workplace for over 8 years. Can Future Intentions still help me?

Absolutely, most of our clients have been out of the workplace for over 5 years and struggle with a range of issues, we specialise in helping women returners to overcome the barriers that hold them back and help them work on their own future change.


I have been out of the loop of the workplace and my own community for several years and feel very nervous about accessing your services, how does Future Intentions help women to rebuild their confidence and self-belief?

Many of our clients have accessed our Confidence Building and Goal Setting courses and all our clients felt it was a positive experience with many feeling very nervous on arrival and felt glad they had the courage to walk through the door. We offer a weekly social group at Norton Hive Community Hub, Norton, Malton and recently set up another group at William Street Business Centre, Scarborough.


Are the courses/workshops funded?

Currently our Confidence Building for Women Returners is not funded.

Unfortunately at this time most of our courses/workshop and programmes are not funded.

We endeavour to help as many women returners as possible by ensure accessing our services is affordable, but do offer a payment plan regardless of the cost of fees (courses £50 or more) we offer clients the opportunity to pay the fees over 3 instalments, with the initial payment being 40% of full cost of the course and two further instalments of equal amount for remaining fees due.

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