Our affordable workshops for women encompassing self discovery, courageous thinking and lifelong learning in 2024 for women across Yorkshire.

Here at Future Intentions Yorkshire we help you to start your own story, whether its a journey towards returning to work after years on a break, or yearning for greater fulfilment in your life, connect with us on one of our affordable workshops, discover something about yourself, all our workshops are about self-reflection and self discovery and learning how to live your best life.

Interviews-Overcoming your Fears Workshop-Thursday 18th April 11.00-2.30pm

Our Interview-Overcoming your Fears is 3 hour online workshop for women struggling to return to work after years on a break from the workplace, the workshop will help you identify your fears and anxieties around returning to the world of attending interviews, we will empower you to challenge what's holding you back in a very supportive, non judgemental nurturing environment.

Confidence to Return to Work Workshop-Thursday 11th April 11.00-2.30pm

This 3 hour online interactive workshop is for women struggling with the confidence to return to the workplace, it will help you to identify what is holding your confidence back and potential unhelpful behaviours that influence your confidence levels in any given situation. Click Book Here to find out more and book your place.

Assertiveness For The Workplace Workshop-Wednesday 4th April 11.00-2.30pm

This 3 hour online workshop is for women struggling with a lack of assertiveness, it aims to empower women looking to return to work after years on break with their confidence and assertiveness to feel ready to re-enter the workplace without the anxieties and potential fears of working in a new environment with a new team, without the tools to be assertive women often feel they may potentially be taken advantage of due to been new to the company and less confident in communicating with others.

Confidence To Be Your Authentic Self-Thursday 25th April 11.00-5.00pm

This full day online interactive workshop offers women the opportunity to gain empowering insight on how you can be your authentic self, the self who can connect with your core values and beliefs with confidence and conviction. Many of us live a version of oneself known as our 'adaptive self', you will learn about what is your 'adaptive self' and how it can end up running your life, leading to a disconnect with your 'authentic self'. This workshop is about exciting self discovery and your own readiness to start your journey towards authenticity and authentic living with intent and a strong sense of purpose.

If you wish to book one of our above workshops, click on BOOK DIRECT, our workshops can be booked and paid for via our link with TICKET TAILOR. Alternatively contact us directly to make payment via bank transfer.


  • Full or part-time employment (full cost) £55 pp for full day workshop or £35pp for half day workshops (including those working and claiming benefits).

REDUCED FEES (concessions)

  • For those claiming Pension Credit £10 pp

FREE (No fees payable)

Please note a referral can be made directly with us via your jobcentre work coach, via email on lizhempshall@futureintentions.co.uk

  • For those claiming Universal Credit (currently looking for work and available to start work)
  • For those claiming disability benefit/s e.g. PIP (economically inactive) for those women neither employed nor unemployed, not in paid work, but they are also not looking for a job or available to start work e.g. too ill to work, students or retired).

Courses are priced individually. Look out for our upcoming courses starting from April 2024.

PLEASE NOTE: For booking free workshops (criteria applies) we request you contact us directly to book your place. Contact Liz on lizhempshall@futureintentions.co.uk