• 30 Years Lived Experience in Volunteering

    Over 30 years I have been very privileged to work with some fantastic teams and great volunteer managers across the board of private, public and voluntary sectors. My passion is working with the voluntary sector and supporting communities of businesses and organisations working directly with disadvantaged groups of individuals.
  • Community advocate for Good Practice

    My passion within the voluntary sector brings a lot of satisfaction in advocating for those individuals who may have many challenges that make having a voice in decisions making involving oneself very difficult. Our community collaboration with support organisations and businesses enhances the support we collectively make accessible to individuals in need.
  • Dedicated commitment to Public, Private & Voluntary Sector

    A volunteer manager myself for over 3 years with a small team of 5 volunteers who work tirelessly to support our work in helping women returners to move forward into work-readiness, community engagement and improved health & well-being. We work actively in communities with our collaboration partners to support individuals with a range of services.

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As a volunteer oneself for over 30 years across the public and voluntary sector in a range of roles and sectors, from childcare, mental health to adult learning, personally I have been very lucky to work with some amazing teams, sprinting forward into 2016 as inspiring entrepreneur and volunteer manager, with a few nuggets to help you too become the volunteer manager you inspire to be in 2021/22.


To answer the question with honesty and integrity, we must initially ask oneself "What does an empowering employer look like"?. To establish a benchmark in which to assess how empowering we are as employers, one example of quality assurance is the Disability Confident Employer scheme, find out more here.

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